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Mazingira Limited is primarily involved in consultancy services in Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits; environmental management; solid waste management; feasibility studies; measurements of environmental parameters; environmental health and safety compliance and due diligence; monitoring and evaluation and project design and construction supervision. Both before and since the start of company operations, our experts have carried out many assignments and rendered many services in the above areas.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

In the African region, as is the case globally Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a mandatory requirement for major development projects.  Preparation of SIA reports is often undertaken in accordance with the requirements of local regulatory arrangements to promote sustainable development. 

At Mazingira Limited, we are cognizant that an SIA report is much more than just a technical document.  It leads to the development of often legally binding commitments based on and enshrined in an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).  An ESMP is a living document that runs through the life of the project and is routinely monitored as applicable. 

At Mazingira Limited, we have extensive experience in the production of SIAs and ESMPs for water and sanitation projects, irrigation projects, transport projects (roads and airports), housing projects, mining projects, oil and gas projects, telecommunication projects and industrial projects just to mention but a few.  We offer a comprehensive range of SIA-related services from screening through scoping studies to full impact assessments and mitigation; stakeholder engagement; development and monitoring of ESMPs.

We offer an integrated approach that covers all aspects of social baseline data collection, impact assessment and impact analysis. 


  •  Baseline and feasibility studies
  • Screening and scoping activities 
  • Resettlement and livelihood restoration planning and execution
  • Social Management Frameworks
  • Resettlement Policy Frameworks
  • Indigenous Peoples Policy Frameworks-Vulnerable
  • Integrated Pest Management Frameworks
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Indigenous Peoples Plans
  • Pest Management Plans
  • Physical and biological environment baseline studies and reporting
  • Socio-economic and cultural heritage baseline studies and reporting
  • Ecological and biodiversity baseline studies and reporting
  • Critical habitat assessments 
  • Ecosystem services assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement plans and implementation
  • Social impact assessments  and reporting

Environmental Management and Permitting

Environmental permitting is vital for protecting both human health and the physical environment.  Identifying the permits needed for a particular installation or project, achieving them in a timely manner and anticipating and addressing permitting requirements can all affect the bottom line of an organisation. Mazingira Limited has a strong track record of supporting clients in this regard.

Organizations may require clear, practical guidance on environmental management issues from competent specialists.  This support is often necessary to help identify business risks and frame these issues in a wider business context.  It is also invaluable in explaining the key environmental and management drivers that could affect a business enterprise. 


  • Compliance audits, surveys and inspections
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental legal register development and update
  • Waste management
  • Air quality measurements
  • Identifying Best Available Technologies


Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental landscapes are frequently changed by projects worldwide.  Are your projects likely to change the environmental landscape? How would this change occur and what are the socio-economic consequences?

Undertaking an environmental impact assessment (EIA) can aid an organisation or individual in understanding site’s environmental assets, help to anticipate and avoid potential problems, and, ultimately, provide evidence that one is implementing a sustainable development. At Mazingira Limited, we have over 12 years of experience in conducting all components of EIAs.  As technical experts, we are equipped with knowledge and skills to provide early advice on whether an EIA is likely to be required, optimize the EIA process, enhance planning outcomes and deliver business advantage throughout the development process life cycle. Our services aid a range of sectors, including water and sanitation, irrigation, transport (roads and airports), housing, mining, oil and gas, telecommunication and industrial sectors among others. 


  • Screening and scoping studies
  • Ecological assessment, survey, mitigation and habitat enhancement
  • Environmental consents and planning applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs)
  • Construction supervision 
  • Noise and vibration surveys and assessments
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Waste management
  • Site selection and constraints appraisals
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Socio-economic appraisals
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage assessments
  • Traffic and transport planning
  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Landscape and visual impact assessments


Strategic Environmental Assessment

Mazingira Limited undertakes Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for private and public development projects. As an experienced consultant in the EIA field, Mazingira Limited has also been in the forefront in the conducting SEA studies and preparing SEA reports for submission to the regulator. This is carried out in compliance with Regulation 42 of Environmental (Impact Assessment and Audit) Regulations 2003; National Guidelines for Strategic Environmental Assessments in Kenya and international best practice.  The aim of the law is to encourage sustainable development, prevent negative environmental impacts and ensure that environmental matters are taken into account when making strategic decisions in development planning.


Noise Level Measurement

Our experts are registered with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) to undertake all forms of noise level measurements.  Therefore if you need noise or vibration impact assessments then look no further. At Mazingira Limited, we have a team of specialists from a variety of backgrounds that provides clients with a broad range of regulatory and industrial services.  

Mazingira Limited’s consultants have a track record in providing clients with efficient and innovative ways of solving a host of noise and vibration problems.  By choosing Mazingira Limited, you will receive a cost-effective and professional service with measured advice provided in a way relevant to the intended audience.


  • Noise assessments for planning applications
  • Environmental noise and vibration monitoring (baseline, investigatory and compliance), short and long term
  • Industrial noise assessments and noise control (planning and environmental permitting)
  • Occupational noise monitoring and consultancy
  • Noise and vibration for construction and demolition works and construction noise management plan production


Community And Stakeholder Engagement

Developing a dialogue with stakeholders is critical for project success.  By engaging with the greater community, organizations can better identify the environmental and social issues that matter most for their business.

Successfully engaging stakeholders and the community is crucial for business and for projects.  Mazingira Limited can help you to proactively engage with stakeholders and the community and deliver realistic outcomes. Our approach can enhance your reputation, minimize project risks and develop effective working relationships with stakeholders and the community.

Our experienced stakeholder and social management team can work with your organization to:

  • Create transparent lines of communication with stakeholders
  • Improve access to decision-making processes
  • Develop integrated and comprehensive social and stakeholder solutions for complex policy issues
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of community engagement and social assessment
  • Improve the management of community, social and stakeholder risks
  • Enhance your capacity to innovate project development and delivery
  • Streamline policy and program development processes
  • Provide realistic outcomes that meet project and community needs
  • Increase community confidence in project delivery
  • Identify greater opportunities to contribute directly to social policy and program development.

Mazingira Limited’s consultants are experienced in all aspects of stakeholder engagement including:

  • Stakeholder and community consultation
  • Social Impact Assessment

Mazingira Limited offers comprehensive, integrated stakeholder engagement services that can cover all stages of a project, from conception through to post-operation phases, including:

  • Identifying key statutory and non-statutory stakeholders (including project affected communities and project affected people)
  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans and activities appropriate for the various stakeholder groups
  • Developing grievance redress mechanisms in line with country and international standards
  • Developing stakeholder databases that can track and report on communication trails, including for grievances
  • Analyzing stakeholders in terms of impacts of projects on stakeholders and risks to company reputation
  • Creating professional communication materials

Mazingira Limited has proven expertise in managing community and other stakeholder expectations, and in facilitating community involvement, even in conflict situations.  Our experience includes presenting communication strategies to critical stakeholders such as legislative agencies, financial backers and potential site purchasers, and building bridges with local groups through community engagement.

Our experienced stakeholder and community consultation team lead consultation strategies at both the planning and construction implementation stages of projects. This contributes to timely project approvals and effective management of Conditions of Approval while also protecting client reputation.

Our experienced stakeholder and community consultation team can work with individuals and organizations to:

  • Successfully plan and execute communication and consultation activities
  • Proactively and effectively manage issues and the media
  • Develop comprehensive social research and social impact assessments
  • Effectively deliver communication and e-solution tools and resources
  • Facilitate collaborative workshops and information sessions
  • Consult with key stakeholders, landowners and the community
  • Establish and maintain feedback and enquiry protocols and systems including phone, mail, email and online
  • Improve database management solutions and reporting
  • Create tailored surveys and analyse the results.


We have experience in working with a range of stakeholders including:

  • Indigenous groups
  • Regulators
  • Landowners
  • Community interest groups
  • Elected representatives
  • Media

We also help clients by incorporating stakeholder input into project design, thereby reducing social and environmental impacts, ensuring our clients achieve a social licence to operate.

Environment, Health And Safety Audits

Health and safety is the number one issue for all businesses.  But understanding the necessary training, procedures and regulations for maintaining adequate health and safety in any industry can be challenging.

Employees of all companies are entitled to a good and safe working environment. Clients are increasingly directing their business to companies that have occupational, environmental and safety matters in order.  Mazingira Limited provides services in the field of occupational health and safety at workplaces.

Mazingira Limited specialists can help you to navigate the complex environment, health and safety (EHS) requirements for your sector. We are experts in on-site investigations, EHS management solutions, policy development and implementation, database management solutions, consultation and staff training.

Further, at Mazingira Limited, we do not apply off-the-shelf solutions; rather we work alongside our Clients to develop practical health and safety measures to meet your company’s ambitions. We align health and safety issues with your other business systems and objectives, and integrate health and safety into your business processes to improve your overall performance. We also ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and focus resources in accordance with the level of risk.


Air Quality Assesment Audits

Whether you are a commercial, industrial or government facility, you face the challenge of complying with air quality requirements while reducing operational costs and risks. Understanding the myriad requirements of Air Emission Regulations — addressing acid rain, urban pollution, and toxic air emissions — and their applicability to both small and large industries can be overwhelming.

Kenya has developed air emission regulations; a demonstration and reflection of the expanding role air quality plays in our lives.  It can directly influence land portfolio valuations, master plan designs and even the success of planning applications. 

 The Kenyan and indeed global industries are faced with an increasingly complex range of regulations, legislation and guidance.  In addition to air quality regulations, industrial operators are now subjected to stringent emissions trading schemes.

At Mazingira Limited, our thorough understanding of air quality issues, range of technical experts and extensive project portfolio provide us with the insight to assist you in gaining commercial advantage and operational flexibility.

Our knowledge of air quality regulations and permitting programs — along with our experience in working with regulatory agencies — allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain permit approval.  We are proficient at identifying sources of air emissions and quantifying the results using engineering principals and, as appropriate, emission factors.

We provide compliance development, auditing, emissions inventories, and reporting to appropriate regulatory agencies. We are also at the forefront of emerging efforts related to GHG emissions.

Mazingira Limited Consultants have a team of air quality experts who provide tailor made, top-quality solutions to any location.  In addition, our experts couple their scientific qualifications with industry experience to deliver value-added solutions to your business.

Mazingira Limited experts will help you navigate air quality regulatory processes and create programs that are efficient and compliant. Our experts are well-versed in local permitting and compliance processes.  We understand the regulatory environment. We understand your business. And, most importantly, we are experts with our monitoring tools and evaluation devices.

With a portfolio of projects from a range of clients, our industry experience includes property and construction, transport and infrastructure, including aviation, road, rail, ports and oil and gas. We are well prepared to deliver the results you need.


  •  Air quality assessments for Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Audit program development and comprehensive onsite audits
  • Workplace/occupational exposure monitoring and assessment
  • Air quality neutral assessments
  • Boundary dust monitoring at demolition/construction sites to fulfill planning conditions
  • Indoor air quality assessments (homes, offices etc.) to investigate sickness symptoms
  • Ambient air quality monitoring of a variety of air pollutants to support planning and permitting applications